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Gina Kincade
I am a freelance author, published on a number of erotic stories sites since 2001 including, but not limited to,,, and my own erotic stories forum

I write erotic short stories and erotic paranormal romance books. I love spending my spare time using the extreme imagination that I am blessed with to create a story you can "crawl" into.

My nights are filled with the paranormal erotic characters within my book series and the thrilling intimate relationships they have yet to explore, writing titillating tales of heated hard core sex scenes or cuddling up with one of the incredible books generated by any number of my awesome fellow authors and friends on facebook.

WIP: My primary focus these days is on writing a series of paranormal erotic romance books and re-writing several of my erotic short stories, working on the details necessary for Naughty nights Press (NNP) and moderating my Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum. (Available to anyone who wishes to try their hand at erotic literature, and those who enjoy reading it)

Recently my best friend and I decided to create our own small independent e-publishing company. Naughty Nights Press (NNP) is set to launch over 100 downloadable e-books in July 2011. Our site is still under construction but what we have so far can be viewed here

I also host two blogs, one for The Mistress Journals of Gina Kincade at themistressjournals.blogspot.c… and my newest creation is one for NNP at…

Both blogs share information about new releases, intimate author interviews and giveaways and guest blogging by my incredibly talented writer friends.

The WebPages for Naughty Nights Press (NNP) are still in the constructive stages but I am constantly scouting places like DeviantArt for artists who can create the beauty of the flesh with the hope that some of them may wish to host their art on the NNP website in return for links and notoriety.

From those chosen to share their art with NNP I hope to also find an opportunity to arrange for the design and purchase of cover art for the erotic e-books and e-stories we will publish.

I always seem to have more on the go then I can handle but I wouldn’t change a moment of it!

Everything I do, everything I am, all that I breathe is 18+ and may contain sexually suggestive material.
Faith and Fate Ch.1

We were supposed to meet at her house for one o'clock for my Reiki session. Looking at my watch I knew it was a little earlier then planned but figured since I'd done all the running around I needed to do I would go anyway. What is a half an hour early anyway I thought, Faith won't mind, she never has before. I am one of those people who is perpetually early or bang on time, usually on the early side and people have pretty much come to expect it.

I walked up the steps and knocked on the door and waited, trying to be patient but it was cold outside and I am not one who enjoys the cold at all. Wiggling from one foot to another in an attempt to keep warm, the snow swirling around me on the exposed front porch, I peeked in a window to see if anyone was coming to the door…nothing.

Knowing the doorbell didn't work and figuring Faith was in the rear of the house, probably doing laundry and didn't hear the knock, I opened the door and let myself in. This was not unusual either; we had both done it at each others homes many times over the years.

Calling out the usual hello, hearing my voice echo back at me, I expected a reply but got a simple silence, not even the dogs came to greet me which actually made me uneasy. Where on earth could everyone be, she was expecting me soon anyway and the dogs were always running around yipping about whenever anyone came in the house.

Calling again and receiving the same non-reply I began to grow worried, just a little really but still concerned. I was thinking maybe she had just taken the dogs for a walk and would be back anytime now or perhaps they were out in the yard and that would explain why she had not heard the door. I made my way through the kitchen and looked out the side sliding door, where the deck and part of the side yard and driveway were visible.

Seeing nothing I continued my journey through the house, down the four stairs to the lower level and to the back sliding door. This one had a view of the entire back yard, covered with a light dusting of snow, but not even a faded footprint from one of the dogs. This was getting really weird now.

I really shouldn't have been wandering about I guess, but I had been here many times and it felt more like my own house then a friends. Starting back to the stairs, with the intention of just going to plop myself on the couch and wait for her return, I heard a "bump" that sounded like it had come from the back bedroom. Knowing that room belonged to her son, the border had moved out last year, I went down the all and knocked on the door. He should be in school right now and if he was bagging he was going to catch hell for it.

"Mitch?" I called through the door. No answer, no more bumps, nothing. Opening the door I looked in and called his name again, saw only his unmade bed and a few clothes on the floor as is typical of a teenager. Maybe the cat was locked in his room or something and had made the noise.

Leaving the door open for the skittish Whiskey, I went back to the stairs. "Bump, ooof!" There it was again, in the laundry room. Ok, so my initial thought was right, she was down doing laundry.

Opening the door and walking into the room her name died on my lips as the dogs came rushing over to me and began to jump at me in their happiness to see me. Ok I was now wondering what the hell was going on. Why were the dogs locked up in the laundry room?

Pushing Cody down before he did the same to me I walked away telling them to stay but leaving the door open. Cobalt gave me his sad eyed stare almost as if to say "but you just got here!"

I ascended the stairs, back into the kitchen and stood still, listening. Finally I heard some of the soft music Faith used in her Reiki sessions coming from the top of the stairs, and what sounded like water running. On my way up I noticed it was a little dim in the overcast of the day but that didn't bother me so I didn't even turn on a light.

Heading in the direction of the "Reiki" room and the music I said to the walls "Faith, It's Katy, I am a bit early but…" I stopped speaking as I realized the shower was running and she wouldn't hear me anyway. With a chuckle to myself for being so silly and worrying I opened the bathroom door, once again intending to call out and let her know I was here.

The sight that I saw at that moment will forever be burned in my memory…it was absolutely breathtaking. I had been in this bathroom only a couple of times as mostly we just used the lower one for it's convenience so I had completely forgotten it had the clear glass shower door. Seeing Faith totally naked was not new to me, but seeing her masturbating in the shower was.

Now I had known for quite some time that I was bi-curious but had done very little about it. Faith held always had an attraction for me with her large breasts and hips yet a tiny waist. Shoulder length hair, usually a honey brown shade, had change little over the years and its softness always intrigued me.

Faith leaned up against the shower wall, one leg propped on the side of the tub displaying her pussy to the door I had just walked through. She didn't even notice that I had come in she was so lost in her moment of passion.

It was hot in the room, steamy from the shower that had obviously been going on for a bit and the mirror above the sink was fogged but the shower doors remained completely clear, as was their design to do.

I could see the soap still on her nipples and sides of her full breasts, tracing a path down her slim belly and down the leg that stood on the floor of the tub. I could see her head thrown back under the spray of water that was gliding it's way down that slim sexy body. And I could see her belly button ring, the little diamond swaying back and forth with the motion of her hips as she fucked herself with two fingers of one hand and the other flicked at her clit.

I knew I should leave, wanted to really, but I couldn't. The sight before me was just so fucking hot. My pussy was getting wet just looking at her, watching her pleasure herself.

The heat of the shower had made her skin a pale shade of pink where the faded tan did not reach in her bathing suit, on her mouth watering tits and her succulent looking pussy, now receiving 3 fingers in her frustrated attempt to reach orgasm. She looked almost like she was on the very edge and it still kept eluding her.

I'd had the same issue from time to time and knew just how it felt to be so close but unable to cum, to fall over that edge from suspended bliss to complete sensation.

I watched Faith's face as she struggled to cum, wanting it so bad she could just about get to the edge but then for unknown reasons was drawn back.

I had worn a simple tracksuit for our Reiki session, since I found it the easiest to relax in, and in a split second I had it off along with my underwear. With a deep breath, and a little hesitation I opened the glass door.

Faith had known of my curiosity for years, but not of my interest in her. She was an admitted bisexual and had been with women before, as I had not. Maybe it was for this reason she seemed a little shocked at my entrance to her shower at first, and then as I touched her breasts she relaxed. Leaning into me she placed a kiss on my mouth and in her honey like voice said a simple, "Hi Katy."

I smiled at her and said nothing. I don't know if my voice would have worked at the time over the pounding of my heart, I was scared but so exhilarated at the same time. I wanted this, I wanted her, I always had and now was my chance.

Even in my inexperience I knew instinctively what to do. I began to run my hands over her gloriously tight tummy, up on to both her tits at the same time. Pinching her nipples lightly to make them stand hard I bent my head to one and began to suck.

I was in heaven. The feel of her tit in my mouth was something I had been missing, I knew it now, I liked it…a lot. Flicking my tongue around and over her nipple as I sucked, listening to her moans of pleasure, I could feel the wetness of my own pussy already and it had nothing at all to do with the water from the shower.

Faith held my head to her breast, loving the feel of my mouth on her as much as I did I think. Taking my hand she placed it on the little nub of her clit within the folds of her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her at my touch; her breathing grew faster as I moved my finger to the opening of her wet pussy.

Feeling bolder now, as she had definitely accepted my being there, seemed quite pleased about it in fact, I went to my knees and kissed first her belly, twirled my tongue around that sparkly diamond and then placed my mouth to her clit. I wanted to taste her, to know her intimately, to know what it was like to be with the woman I had secretly lusted after for years.

I can't really explain the actual taste of her other then to say ambrosia. I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy mixed with the body wash she had used and together they tasted so good I felt like I could do this for hours. I don't really know if this was just my desire for her over the years or if this was the way it would be with any woman, she has only ever been the one.

I flicked my tongue over her clit, sucked it gently at first then a little harder. Noticing her wincing I thought at first it was too much and backed off until she whispered "Harder…"

I knew I liked it myself when my partner was quite insistent in his tongue action and the harder he sucked the better I felt so I applied this knowledge now to Faith. She reacted violently, only in pleasure rather then pain. I could see my mouth around her clit was just what she needed…it was what I had needed.

My tongue traveled down to her hole and darted inside, tasting the faintest hint of her juices as they began to build. Fucking her pussy with my tongue, faster and faster until she was moving her hips in a motion opposite of mine and grinding her pussy into my face. I almost instinctively knew she was ready to cum as her pussy started contracting around my tongue and I could feel her clit swell in my mouth.

In an instant I had two fingers inside her, fucking her, making her juices cover my hand as she began to cum freely, finally. Continuing to suck her clit with a pleasure all my own I looked up at her. Watching her face as she came, her head thrown back under the spray of the shower again, knowing it was my touch that gave her so much pleasure was absolutely incredible, an experience I will never forget.

I had been able to do what she had not alone. The amount of satisfaction I actually got from this was amazing. The reaction of her cumming on my hand, feeling her pussy squeeze my fingers, her facial expression as she was able to go over that edge to bliss and the knowledge of what it was like to finally be with her was too much for me, I actually came myself.

When Faith had come, with a very satisfied look on her face, she looked down at me and pulled me to my feet. Kissing me deeply, but almost so quickly it was over before I had even realized. I knew now it was my turn as she leaned in towards me with her body. I was exhilarated and scared at the same time, not knowing what I was going to feel but definitely wanting the experience of completely being with a woman, with Faith.

Saying nothing at all Faith touched first one of my breasts, then the other. She repeatedly pinched my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and I could feel the sensations that flowed through my body to my pussy with every pinch. Taking my breast in her mouth, now biting my nipple as she sucked it hard….I absolutely loved every moment of it.

I leaned back against the wall of the shower as Faith slowly nibbled her way down my stomach, moving down towards the core of my body so slowly it was agonizing but so sensually sweet at the same time. She did not move too fast, knowing this was my first experience and wanting to make it all that it could be, to help me to know the thrill I could achieve being with her.

Her hands stayed on my breasts while her mouth traveled down, kissing every inch, licking here and there, and biting gently. Reaching my belly, she used her teeth to tug a little at the ring in my belly button, that small bit of silver had never caused me to feel quite the way it did now.

Resuming her licking, biting and sucking she traveled to my hips, first one then the other and then finally to the top of my pubic area. She licked all around it, intentionally missing the parts that so longed for her touch. Her hands followed the path from my breasts downward, quicker then her mouth but not without enjoyment, as I felt them slide across my wet flesh finally coming to rest on my hips, cupping around to grab my ass and use it to bring me to her.

My intake of breath as she finally found my pussy made her grin, just a bit, as she flicked her tongue onto the tip of my throbbing clit…once… twice ....three times, Faith teased me. Oh god, she was driving me wild with wanting to have more of her, to have her taste me, to know if she felt the same as I did when I had done this to her.

I could not help the loud moan that escaped me. Watching Faith move down my wet body, kneeling on the floor of the bathtub, her face level with my pussy, her hands all over me at once, it was a sight that just about brought me to orgasm all on it's own.

I suppose looking back now I expected to feel like I did when I was with a man, but I didn't. I don't really know how to explain it except to say it was very different. Knowing it was Faith who was licking my pussy, placing her mouth around my most intimate parts was just more then I could have ever imagined. My best friend, my confidant, the woman I had lusted after for years, secretly, was now teaching me just what being with a woman was truly like. I still could not believe it was finally happening.

As she placed her mouth around my wet pussy and began to suck I was amazed at the pleasure I felt. This was oh so not like I have ever felt before. I held her head to the junction of my thighs, lacing my fingers in her hair, as I began to come in waves. I could feel her tongue licking the sweet, warm wetness that escaped from my pussy.

Still continuing to suck my clit she then followed the same path I had with her and put her middle finger deep into my warm, now very wet, pussy and began to move slowly, building the next orgasm up to the point where I was almost in pain when it finally released.

I cried out with the force of it, the pain, and the pleasure. Faith moved her hand faster, making it continue on for what almost seemed like hours when in fact it was barely minutes. This was so different, so good, so Faith and so damn right…finally!

Faith looked up at me when I had finally finished coming, slowly removed her fingers from my now burning hot pussy and gave me one last sweet lick. Then she smiled. That simple sexy smile that I had known over this many years had just changed, now it meant so much more.

Copyright Gina Kincade ©2010


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